A Step in the Right Direction

I’ve finished my state exam. I passed! Now there’s a whole new ballpark in front of me, and getting through that will be a whole new world of fun!

Song of Mystery

Music plays a large part in the Autism Spectrum Disorder, but it impacts each person in a different way. Some find it as a means to escape, another finds it as a way to express themselves, and some find it as a passion they wish to create. For me, music is both an escape and expression, a way to leave the structured world for a place of sound and music.

A Conscious First Step

If you know me, and many of you do, each of you know how easy it is for me to get sidetracked or to have my interests shift and change. I’m been here for about three years, as it is. I plan on sticking around, too. However, I have decided to undergo an entirely different…

A Unique Mind

Yesterday, when I was out and about, I noticed there was some light reflecting off a car next to the one I was in (my sister-friend had a doctor appointment and I was waiting in the car), and I was entranced by it. The way it reflected off my nail polish (black diamond – black…

General Chaos

It’s late, I’m tired, and my brain is spewing random chaos onto the white screen. Welcome to the Mad House.

Unseen Visitor

Woken up in the earliest hours of dawn, Kari, a college student, can’t shake the feeling that someone was in her apartment despite obviously being alone.

The Soul of a Healer

Brosi is blind and mute, a servant to an isolated land and kingdom. For over a decade, he has been tucked away from the rest of the world until, one fateful day, his life is turned around when his ability to heal is cast into light.

Tending to the Self

Every step forward requires an understanding of what we are and where we’ve been. Taking care of ourselves is key to vitality.