A blog and a writer’s mind have one thing in common:

Both are a messy place to be.

When it comes to writing, organization is important. I like to be able to get an idea on what I’ve written in the same way I like to go to a site and be able to find a nice little place where everything is posted in a way that makes it easy to access.

I like a clear mind as much as I like a Table of Contents. Which is what this page acts as, in a roundabout way. Below, my posts are listed in a convenient little way that makes it easy to go from one to the next without all that unnecessary scrolling. It also helps me get an eye on all I’ve done. A useful setup, I dare admit.

Flash Fiction

HauntedA Fallen StarShadowed Terror

Daily Prompts

DevastationSimple PleasuresSex Is MathBittersweet ReplacementResistanceTo Be Or Not To Be…Overwhelmed?HideoutSlurred ReputationA Ghostly Cry, WandererDreams of a MarionetteRuinBeseeching the GatekeeperAn Aird Heart Cast AdriftTenacious TendenciesRhythmic ChangesOversight

FF/DP Continuations

Love and ObsessionLove and Obsession II 


CreationPaper Forest

Five Nights

Five Nights

All that is here, currently, is only a small part of what it will grow into. I have a love for creating stories, but I also enjoy airing my mind and thoughts. I have an idea on what I want to add to this, but that may take some time. Responses, book reviews, photography…

‘Wandering Worlds’ is a place of creation. Other than my Flash Fiction, I want to be able to place a large array of content on here. I would like to have something for everyone to enjoy. Which means being open and flexible, which is easier ‘said than done.’ 

Wish me luck, everyone. I have a lot of work ahead of me.

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